Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Second week Michigan deer season Update!

Second week Michigan deer season Update!




You know it is a great feeling when your daughters come up to you and ask can we go deer hunting!

Ummmmmmm let me think for a sec……. OK let's go

So Erica, Kelly and I packed up and we headed out sat afternoon for a few hours out in the woods,

Now the weather has been a factor all season long with the temps in the 50's sitting was not a problem but deer movement was

To be exact there was NONE at all, we did manage to see some squirrels which Erica says she will be back to take care of that after the season!

The Thanksgiving weekend was non productive as well we saw lots of cars at the public site where we were going to hunt and with so many hunters and not knowing where they are we opted not to go out and then the weather with the rain moving in and steady all day we called it a season!

So the Michigan Firearm deer season has come to an end and we did not tag a deer well that's hunting but just getting out was a great thing!

Will get um next year!

Now on to December and Muzzle loading and second season bow Here in Michigan we will see how that all goes!

So that's a wrap on my Michigan firearm season for 2009 here in Michigan.


But remember when you're out in the outdoors "Aim Small Miss Small"



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