Wednesday, February 24, 2010

2010 Iceout!

Well the 2010 Houghton lake Ice Out is history and let me tell you, it was a blast! I was only up there for the one day but the weather, the people and just being outdoors, was a great time.

We arrived in Houghton Lake to a great sunrise and blue sky morning. The ice was 21 to 24 inches thick and we were set for our first stop. My cousin Bryan DeFauw and I went to Lymen's on the lake to pick up some bait and to find out where the Up North Journal crew and friends were at in the sleeper shanties. The people at Lymen's were awesome to say the least. They were friendly and courteous and even provided a taxi service out onto the ice to get you to the shanties.

Upon our arrival, we met up with the UNJ crew and a few friends from that joined us from the south to try their hand at ice fishing.

Bryan with Mike from Talkhunting!

Bryan and I discussed our plan for hitting the lake with our tip-ups and proceeded to re-tap a few holes close by the shanties. With our limit of lines in the water, we enjoyed the warming weather and waited and watched for our flags to take off from the tip-ups.

After about a hour we had our fist flag. Bryan took it and pulled in a nice 20 inch pike. It was nice but under sized to be a keeper and so he let it free. A few minutes later, I got my first fish; a small perch that thought he was bigger than what he really was .Bryan also pulled in another small perch.

Bryan with the first Pike

With the fishing slow an employee of Lymen's stopped by and chatted and gave the group some tips as to wear to go on the lake. So, we split up into a few small groups and headed out further out onto the ice.

Heading out about a mile further, we drilled and set up a few more holes and enjoyed the afternoon in the sun. Still, the fishing was slow but we did manage to get a few more pike through the ice; all about 20 inches, still under sized.

Dan checking a line
As the day came to a close, with the light clouds moving in, and the sun setting the day ended. It was time to head back home. Even with no keepers, it still was a good day out on the ice

With all the day's events and great time, how can you not look forward to the next" ICE OUT 2011"
Mike adams working the camera!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Great Lakes Hunting Show

A few weekends ago my oldest daughter Kelly and I went to the Great lakes Hunting Show at the Birch Run Expo center.

Walking through the event was not bad there were not a lot of people there

There was a nice mix of a few vendors, outfitters and retails stores and also a Gun auction.

And as that was going on next door had the log Home show which you could attend as well as the sport show

It was great to see the Michigan DNR officers there fielding question from anyone who asked!

My point of view is they need to get out and be seen for some much needed good public relationship!

By far was not the biggest show I have been to but still something to go to in January to walk around buy something or

Enter a contest if you so choose and see a few live animals to boot!

I met up with Ken wares at the Ducks Unlimited booth and talk to him for a bit which was nice and good to meet fellow hunters

It made for a nice afternoon of walking around indoors about the outdoors!





Monday, February 1, 2010

Pesky Squirrels

Well Just a quick Blog here about last week getting out with Erica I after those squirrels again

The weather was nice with about 4 inches of snow on the ground we set out again after them

In the distance we saw them running around after each other up and down trees so we stalked after

Them slowly as we seen them in the distance to get closer sitting for a few min letting the woods settle

And as luck would have it we never got any in close enough for Erica to get

A shot at them as Erica says "They don't like me" I just tell her they know that if they get close enough

You are going to blast them!

But you know being out there with Erica and I was a great day still no squirrels but their time will come!