Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Great Lakes Hunting Show

A few weekends ago my oldest daughter Kelly and I went to the Great lakes Hunting Show at the Birch Run Expo center.

Walking through the event was not bad there were not a lot of people there

There was a nice mix of a few vendors, outfitters and retails stores and also a Gun auction.

And as that was going on next door had the log Home show which you could attend as well as the sport show

It was great to see the Michigan DNR officers there fielding question from anyone who asked!

My point of view is they need to get out and be seen for some much needed good public relationship!

By far was not the biggest show I have been to but still something to go to in January to walk around buy something or

Enter a contest if you so choose and see a few live animals to boot!

I met up with Ken wares at the Ducks Unlimited booth and talk to him for a bit which was nice and good to meet fellow hunters

It made for a nice afternoon of walking around indoors about the outdoors!





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