Monday, January 11, 2010

Ice Fishing in the Cold!

Ice Fishing in the Cold!

The car thermometer read 8 degrees when I staring out onto the lake. I decided where to go and drilled a hole or two to try to get some fish.

That's what I was doing with my cousin, Bryan, this past Saturday. With the wind coming out of the north, it was cold out there, that's for sure, but that's why ice fishing is in the winter and not the summer.

So we headed out onto the ice and started drilling a few holes with our hand driller. We then set out our lines and tipped them with a wax worm, spike or mousey.

With a little jigging here and there, making a few more holes and we moved on, as fish have seemed not to be biting. An hour and half went by and we moved over to another lake and set.

We set up all over again. Drilling, setting lines and watching other fisherman doing the same. It was evident that nothing was biting at all. We even had a gentleman walk out to us ask how it was going and he commented that he had been to 4 other lakes with the same result. Nothing! Nada! Zip!

With that advice and after 4 hours of braving the winds and the single digit temps, we pack up our gear and headed for the warmth of home.

On this cold day, the fish won, but we won also by getting out there in the great outdoors in the cold.

Yeah it was cold but sunny out at least!

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