Monday, July 26, 2010

The New Bow Setup!

The New PSE Vendetta XS in black finally arrived ( A few days later, my new XR 2 sight also in black, and a Meta Peep from G5 arrived too ( Now, all I needed was a rest.

Father's day arrived and I was given a new Tri-Van drop away rest and there I had all the major components. I then was off to Spot shooters Archery ( and there, Jim Beasley would be there to help set it all up. I arrived on Saturday morning with all my new goodies in hand and he got right into setting it up.

First, the G5 sight then the Tri-van rest and finally a loop was added. It was amazing to me to see how easy it was to change the draw length on the PSE; just 3 screws and done!

Now, for the new G5 Meta peep and drop away. He put those on and had me draw back. The peep was right on so he tied it and completed it after a few more shots. He had the drop away working to perfection and tied it in. As Jim did all this, he was explaining everything and if I had question he had answers that were simple and easy to understand.

The New Sight,Rest and peep!

I spent about 2 hours with Jim at his archery shop and he did a great job setting me up. I am now ready to shoot and the next day I did. I love that PSE. It feels good in the hand, smooth, and quiet. The last piece I might add is a stabilizer but I'm not sure yet.

As far as the new G5 XR 2 site, it was a breeze to set up. After few shots , I was where I wanted to be for the first few times out.

The final piece of the puzzle was my arrows. I shoot victory arrows ( ) and with my new bow, my arrows were too long. We measured them and had to cut 2 inches of the arrow.

Now the practice begins with the new rig all set up. I can't wait for October 1st to arrive and archery season here in Michigan to begin.

A big thank you goes out to PSE and G5.

I want to also thank Jim Beasley and Spot Shooters Archery in Holly, Michigan for taking the time to set me up!

The New Hunting Rig!

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