Thursday, September 30, 2010

Here we are. It's the end of September and starting of Michigan bow season. Are you ready?

Before we go out, let's take a minute or two and look at the date. Oct 1st, or for that matter, the month of October, is upon us. Not only is it a hunting season month but a month of awareness; Breast Cancer Awareness month to be exact.

So let's take a moment to remind our loved ones that they should be aware of this ugly cancer. Not only be aware but be supportive and you can help in fighting this.

12 years ago this November, I lost my mom to her fight against the wicked disease and at only 62; the time just before she could retire and enjoy her "golden years". Besides losing a mom, she was a grandmother that will never see her grandkids grow up and graduate. My kids will never be able to get to know grandma "D".

They say time heals? Well to me, it makes it worse knowing more and more things that my mom will miss out not being around with my kids to enjoy them.

October means so much more to me then a hunting season. It is the month I look at my arrows and think of my mom. I now hunt with the "pink arrows" from Victory Archery for a great cause to help and fight against.

I think a good start would be that archers should have at least one pink arrow in there quiver to start and show the rest of the world that we care and are aware.

So take the time to ask your loved ones if they are aware and have been or need to be checked for it. It might take a few minutes out of your day but going and getting checked makes the reward outweigh the risk!

Let's be serious. This is not only a woman's thing. Men can get it too. A few years back, I myself discovered a lump and if you want to talk about getting scared out of your whits, that is an understatement! I went to my doctor and had it removed and checked. Lucky it was nothing more than tissue build up that knotted up. Until then, every scenario went through my mind as to what it could be. This all happened right in the middle of my mom's battle.

So to all the men and woman out there, being aware is what it is all about!

So please keep in mind, as the month of October goes by, show your support by wearing or sporting something pink. I do!

This is awareness month, but do not let it stop you from, also, thinking about this the other 11 months out of the year.

I dedicate this column to my mom who I miss every day!

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