Monday, October 19, 2009

Congratulation Erica!

Congratulation Erica!

This past Saturday and Sunday, I had the pleasure of attending, with my youngest daughter Erica, her hunters' safety education course. It was held at the Fenton Lakes Sportsman Club and she passed with flying colors! Once again, making me a proud dad!

As I sat through and listened, it was a great chance to get an up to date review of any new material in hunter safety.

The hunter safety course, as I mentioned, was held out at the Fenton Lakes Sportsman Club and led by instructor Mr. John Wiley and with him, a host of other volunteer instructors that included Jeffrey Ashmore,Monte Cleary,Ray Durgan,Bill Hohloch,Jeff Lane and John Ousnamer

Let me tell you, these guys were top notch. You could see by their enthusiasm that they love what they do and doing this for the last 8 years at the club, they are proud that they have never failed anyone for academics reason only. I also have to say, I was surprised that John remembered me from a few years ago when I attended the class with my oldest daughter, Kelly.

Even with the weather being nice as it was, cool, and sunny outside, inside was just as bright. These guys did it right. With 90 men, woman, boys, and girls taking the class, Mr. Wiley took the lead by instructing and explaining that he loves a class that is interactive and positive, so you do not get bored and are just watching and listening to him for hours on end. That is exactly why he asked the crowd questions then, threw tootsie rolls into the crowd, as they would either answer or ask a questions from him or to him about the material presented. The class itself was very well done and evenly covered. Even the latest crossbow rules and the live fire exercise that was held in the basement, indoor shooting range was outstanding.

Mr. Wiley teaching the class.

The indoor shooting range

Mr. Wiley wanted to get across one major point. It is that the key to all of what you learn is and should be.

Mr. Wiley

Respect for yourself the others around you and the instructors, the building and the game in which you are trying to harvest. That, to him, was a top priority of what he wanted everyone to take away from the class, if anything, besides the passing of the hunter safety test.

I could not agree more with what he wants them to all walk away with… RESPECT….

Once again, Congrats Erica! Your dad is very proud of you! Way to go!

Erica taking her live fire testing

One last shout out to Mr. John Wiley and his fellow instructors for a job well done out at Fenton Lakes Sportsman Club. Thank You!

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  1. Great post and how awesome to be able to introduce not only another hunter but your daughter to the sport of hunting. I look forward to seeing Erica on some future episodes for UNJ.

    Nancy Jo