Monday, September 28, 2009

Erica’s first time out!

I had a wonderful experience this past weekend, to do something that a father is proud to do; I took my youngest daughter, Erica, out into the field for her first small game hunt.

When Erica had asked me when she could go out hunting and seeing the opportunity that she was interested in getting out in the field, I took it and we made plans to do so on Sunday. We gathered basic equipment and my license and she would be hunting under the apprentice license until she got her hunter safety certificate in October.

With the weather in the 60's, we set out into the woods. Before doing so, at the truck I went over the basic safety of how to carry the gun, safety features of the gun etc. We then loaded our guns and walked into the woods.

Erica scanning the tree tops!

Erica and I made our way into the hard woods and started to sit and wait. The mosquitos were on the attack but with the slight breeze they were bearable. We moved after a few minutes of sitting. We continued moving slow and easy through the woods sitting and watching the tree tops again and again.

I was out there and enjoying every minute with her out there, as this was our first time together where she was hunting with me and not just observing. what a thrill for me, to say the least, as a father I now have both of my girls out in the hunting world with me and I hope it continues for a very long time.

Erica still scanning the tree tops!

For the hunt, we did spot a squirrel, but was never able to get a shot at it but that was ok. We still had a great time for the 3 hours we spent out there together. As our hunt ended and we were driving back home I asked if she wanted to do it again and she nodded and said "Yes! Yes! Yes!" So with that I' am sure we will be back out in the woods in the near future.


"Aim Small Miss Small"

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