Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Outdoors at the Air show

Outdoors at the Air show

On Sunday Aug 23 I was outdoors

But I was at the Selfridge air force base for the 2009 air show

I took the family and we made sure to leave early to get in line for the 8 am gate opening

Even with rain and cloud in the area and not the best day for a air show

Our Family was not disappointed by getting into the show early we were able to walk around the planes and snap a few pictures which were awesome in each their own way from the Pink delta jet for breast cancer awareness to the civil air patrol set up it was fun to see but overall when you were around the B29 flying fortress or the b-25 Mitchell you have to realize this would not be all possible if it were not for the fighting men and women of the forces and you get that sense of that when you walk around the planes that fought for our freedoms! That we enjoy to this day.

Well we lasted through 4 rain delays and in between each delay we got to watch the stunt flyers, the wing walkers, and the ethanol powered stunt plane but the wait was worth it.

The kids using the chairs as cover during the rain delays!

The Military part of the show was incredible

First up were the A-10 warthogs stationed in Battle Creek MI they showed off what they could do and why they are loved so much by our forces fighting right now! And tank buster is a good name for them as they had a pyrotechnics pit which showed off the firepower of each plane so you can see and feel what they have to offer as flying fighting planes.

Then the powerful B2 bomber made its way in from Missouri and showed off what it could do and you could see and feel the power it posses and how it handles simply was amazing as it flew by the crowd and hit its afterburners simply a wow factor to behold for such a big jet.

And the best was saved for last of the show performed by the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds and there f-16's was simply amazing as to how they fly with each, how close or flying straight at each other or any of the routines precision to say the least it could not have been a better way to end the show on this rainy cloudy day.

The Thunderbirds fly by in formation past the crowd

Yes as I was in the outdoors at the air show it also made me think if you see a service man or women thank them for the duty they are performing and also don't forget if you see a veteran stop and thank them for a job well done and for what they have done for us to keep our freedoms we have to be in the great outdoors!.

And remember when you in the outdoors! "Aim small miss small"


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