Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A goose hunting first.

I had just got out of bed and walked down stairs and 30 seconds later my phone was ringing!

It was my fellow field staffer "Chico" asking if I could come out and run camera for them!

He had been hunting with Mike, Mike Jr. and Art so, I said sure no problem.

Seeing I had never been out in the field for a goose hunt, I thought it would be fun and sure enough I was not let down. With camera in hand and some instructions from Mike we had a great time even if we just got one more bird, which happed right when I got there.

I found out how much fun it was and it was a blast. They said "oh you wait it gets better, you just got here late". I also learned that Chico can sing! That is sure something to behold, to say the least.

Sure enough, two days later I find myself running camera again for them out in a field, this time from the start of the hunt. The hunters were Chico, Mike, Mike Jr., and Dave.

We set up the decoys and brushed in our blinds and have to admit, it was hot for 5 am! Doing all this was work but it was fun work.

We got settled in and the wait was on. The chatter between the hunters was hilarious too.

As luck would have it, a flock of three came in from our right side, and the hunters who were chatting, had to have their camera man say something! Glad I was there HUH!? Well, three birds in and three birds down. Great shooting by all that's for sure! I also got that on tape, so that made my day!

The morning went on. We saw some other flocks but nothing came in until later, when again, a silent two more birds flew in out of nowhere. Out of that group, we got one bird and the others flew away. It was so quick when they showed up; I missed getting the footage on tape. Wish I had because watching Mikey Jr. talk to a goose was interesting.

So with that, our day ended with 4 out of the possible 5 birds down. We packed the gear up and headed out. (Look for all of the hunting adventures to be on future episodes of Beyond the Wild!)

Now for me, being the first two times I had been out there, it looks like I have another hunting event to add to my "to do " list. Goose hunting! It's all because Chico gave me a wakeup call! Thanks.

A special thanks to the whole group for letting me tag along with the camera. I am sure I will be out there again.

Remember when you're outdoors "Aim small miss small"



  1. Isn't it just the greatest thing experiencing a new discipline of hunting. Last year I attended a quail hunt, my second one, and on two occasions I forgot to shoot because I was so caught up in watching the dogs work. It was amazing. I have been several times since then and I never grow tired of hunting...always a new experience.

    Great blog entry. I enjoyed reading it.

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