Monday, September 21, 2009

September Scouting

A great weekend for pre season scouting!

Well it is September and the winds of change are upon us.

The hot weather is giving way to the cooler mornings and the green of the trees turn to the beautiful fall burst of colors. This past weekend I got out with my cousin Bryan DeFauw. We did some pre season scouting for bow hunting season. The sun was bright and warm but the slight wind made it ok to be out in the woods without the amount of bugs around that drives you out of the woods.

(Bryan scouting the woods)

As we walked around the woods and the changing landscape, we did finds some good areas with some good sign (see pictures).From the tall oak stands to the low swampy areas in the woods and fields. The land was very dry due to us having no rain for the month of September, which meant some of the water holes were dry as of now. I expect that to change as we get into the fall season.

We were scouting on public land. We did find the sign of other hunters, as this was expected in the area by their tree stands that were already in place, giving us the impression that the hunting pressure is there just not sure how heavy the pressure is. My thought is, if we get to them in the early part of the bow season, we should be ok and we will have a better chance of seeing deer and having success before the hunting pressure changes. The scouting was a success. We have a few spots picked out so we will see what this season brings us.

(Some of the sign we found)

So as we wait for Oct 1st, we will see and find out how are scouting will turn out. I hope we get a crack at the deer that made some of the signs we were able to find.

Remember to "aim small, miss small" when trying to get your right shot!

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