Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Shooting PSE Bows!

On Saturday April 3rd PSE (www.pse-archery.com) Representative Paul Penix, Jim Beasley owner of Spots hooter Archery in Holly, MI (www.spotshooterarchery.com) and Team spot shooter Mark Salsgiver hosted the Michigan Upnorthjournal crew for a chance to shoot the line of PSE bows.

Being able to shoot the entire lineup of bows was a cool thing when you are trying to choose the right bow for yourself and then having Paul, Jim and Mark there was a great advantage.

Paul's vast knowledge of the Bow line was great and he answered any question you had and with the added help from Jim and Mark made the importance of shooting each bow you wanted even more so.

We all took our turns just shooting different bows feeling them seeing how they all feel in your hand when you shoot how the release feels something that I highly recommend to do when you are going to go out and buy a bow you should shoot as many as you can to get the different feel of each one because frankly they are all different and even more important go to a good bow shop where they want to help you and not just sell you the equipment!

I myself was able to shoot the Super Short, Axe 6 and the Vendetta XL and XS models they were all great bows each with a little different feel, shot and release will let you all know which I have chosen when I get it in.

Having the Pro group there helping you out not just with the bow itself but helping in your form with hand position to feet stance helped us all out.

I want to thank Paul Penix and to Jim Beasley for the use of his great archery shop and also Mark Salsgiver

For spending the time with us and passing on some of their knowledge to us.


So remember when you in the outdoors "aim small miss small"


  1. It sure was big plus shooting all of the bows. I know I enjoyed it.