Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mossy oak at Cabelas

Well the Michigan Mossy Oak Pro Staff which includes several of us Upnorthjournal crew spent the weekend of April 10th and 11th at the cabelas in Dundee Michigan for the spring turkey weekend.

The event was pretty cool with having a few other vendors present, people could check out all the stuff for their turkey season needs. The weather outside was just as nice too which might have had an effect on the amount of people that showed up. Which seemed to be light in the morning but picked up a little in the afternoon?

The Michigan pro staff helped out in the camo section and it was also nice to hear the stories of customers as they looked through the camo choices. Some were even looking for the new infinity pattern by Mossy Oak as well.

I met a man looking for a light weight set of camo for his bear hunt this coming September he told me all about the last hunt he had for bear and he was excited to be going back for more so good luck to him this fall!

Let me just also add that spending 8 hours in cabelas is like a kid in a candy store for the outdoor enthusiast there are so many choices for everything it is incredible from scopes to ammo to fishing to Archery from rest to safety vest just about everything and anything you could want and go broke in doing so.

I did walked out with a new set of camo that was a heck of deal and I could not pass it up.

Well that is a quick rap on the weekend at cabelas!


Remember when you're in the outdoors "aim small miss small"

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