Monday, May 10, 2010

A wow day in the woods!

Wow what a day to be afield in the outdoors!

My cousin Dennis had a turkey tag that ended on Sunday so my cousin Bryan and I set out to help Dennis get a turkey to fill his turkey tag. What other way to spend with family but hunting in the outdoors. With that said and at 5 am we met at my house and headed out to the woods you could see the beginning of the day was starting, we got out of the truck to get ready and we head the turkey's gobbling on the roost it sounded beautiful! It would turn out to be a great sunny day but a little breezy after all.

We suited up an headed out to our first set up getting all ready and listening to the gobbling from three different areas we were now ready Dennis with his gun Bryan calling and I running the video camera.

Bryan started calling with birds still gobbling away we waited, well it was now daylight and they would not be up for our challenge as they flew down off the roost they must have headed in the other direction so with that we were up and after them as we did we heard them gobbling in the distance as we made our way closer Dennis told Bryan to stop! He had just walked by a fawn cuddled up in the leaves. The little things was so well blended in the leaves it was a incredible sight and find out in nature we checked it out keeping a short distance and took some pictures and video but we got out of there as fast as we can so we would not stress the little creature out, you could tell it little breathing was getting faster so we continued on not to disturb the little thing anymore then we already had.


We changed our location hoping to be closer to those bird's and did some more calling and heard a gobble or two but that would be the last of the talking turkey we heard for the day we did a few more location changes and set ups with more calling but no response so we headed out as were walking out of the field Dennis pointed out a 3 ft snake laying there in the sun I' am sure after the cool night he was happy to have that sun beating down on him, that was just another cool find out in nature!

On our last set for the day around noon we again did some calling but nothing and then again as we were walking out a bird flew right out of a bush as we walked by so we peeked in the short bush we found a robin's nest with the 4 blue eggs how cool is that another find out in nature!

Now our day would be done with no turkeys but as you can see that the other stuff we found out in natures was simply awesome!

This is what it is all about in the Great Outdoors.

So yes it was a "Wow" kind of day to be out in the woods!

Now that May 10th is here my license starts and for the rest of the month now I will be gunning after those turkeys!

Check back to see how my hunting goes as I go after those thunder chickens in the month of May!

Remember as I say when you're in the outdoors "Aim Small Miss Small"

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  1. You just never know what you will find out in the woods. Pretty cool.